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Terms and Agreement

COVID and Assumption of Risk Release

In consideration for Freedom Fitness and Training (The “Owner”) permitting me and/or one or more minors for whom I am responsible (the “MINORS”) to use the facilities, this including but not limited to, the classroom, weight room, cardio room, message room, and main office, and other amenities (the “Amenities”) owned by the Owner. I hereby agree as follows:

1. USE OF AMENITIES. I acknowledge that I and/or the MINORS will use the Amenities and agree that I will comply (and cause each Minor to comply) with the governmental laws, regulation, rules, and orders, and all rules adopted by the Owner that apply to use of the Amenities including those that involve or relate to COVID-19 and its variants, such as social distancing, handwashing, and wearing masks.


2. ASSUMPTION OF RISKS. I acknowledge that the use of the Amenities has inherent risks, hazards, and dangers which include, but not limited to exposure to and infection with CVID-19 and/or its variants. ON BEHALF OF MYSELF AND EACH MINOR, I HEREBY ASSUME AND ACCEPT ALL SUCH RISKS.

3. RELEASE. On behalf of myself, each Minor, and my or our heirs, successors, executors, representatives, and subrogates, I hereby (a) KNOWINGLY, INTENTIONALLY, IRREVOCABALLY, AND UNCONDITIONALLY WAIVE, RELEASE, AND DISCHARGE THE OWNER, Juan DEEL LLC, their respective affiliates, parents, subsidiaries and heir respective shareholders, members, managers, officers, directors, agents, employees, successors and assigns (the “RELEASED PARTIES”) from any and all damages, claims, demands, obligations, liabilities, losses, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney's fees) of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of the use of he Amenities by me or by any of the Minors for any illness or disease resulting therefrom COVID-19 and any of its variants, and (b) waive all relief, whether legal or equitable, that I or any Minor may be entitled to seek from any of the Released Parties including, without limitation, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney’s fees, expenses and costs.

4. REPRESENTATION. I represent that I have full right, power and authority to sign this Waiver and Release and to bind myself and any Minors to its items.


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